Case study: 6 times higher monthly profit on streaming services 
Sports streaming services are seasonal, and their primary income is generated at the time of major championships. To maintain the profitability of these services even in a quiet season, we recommend using a hybrid format, where automatic push notifications and monetization work together. This article explains how push notifications can generate income for the site owner.  […]
Promotion and Monetization of Streaming Services
Streaming services are platforms that allow broadcasting in real-time. In essence, they are an analog of television, enhanced by the capabilities of the modern Internet. The video streaming market is growing by 10% annually, attracting more users and their money. World video streaming turnover this year comes close to US$80.83bn. The main advantage of these […]
How to increase your sales on Black Friday with push notifications
It’s no secret that the number of online purchases is rapidly increasing every year. According to a study by Statista, the percentage of total online shopping in worldwide retail grew by 6.6% between 2018 and 2021. Currently, the share is almost 19%, with a forecast of 24% by 2026. Some companies have begun selling on […]
The Sender installation guide
TheSender is a push notification service that allows you to launch in-browser pop-up messages. It is a great solution for publishers, affiliates, and agencies to improve user retention and the overall quality of traffic.
What is The Sender?
There are many services on the market that provide the functionality to send push notifications to the users. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. And we decided to make our own service for sending push notifications. What are the benefits?
What is “Push notifications”?
Push notifications are a popular tool for interacting with the audience today. They are short messages addressed to users after opening the site. Visually, this addressing often comes on behalf of the browser.