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High Engagement and Conversion with Push Notification Strategy
Businesses use push notifications frequently to interact with their customers and increase conversion rates. Yet, it’s crucial to set up a clear strategy if you want to make the most of push notifications. We’ll go through the vital aspects of an effective push notification strategy in this article, along with the tips and ideas to […]
Promotion and Monetization of Streaming Services
Streaming services are platforms that allow broadcasting in real-time. In essence, they are an analog of television, enhanced by the capabilities of the modern Internet. The video streaming market is growing by 10% annually, attracting more users and their money. World video streaming turnover this year comes close to US$80.83bn. The main advantage of these […]
The Sender installation guide
TheSender is a push notification service that allows you to launch in-browser pop-up messages. It is a great solution for publishers, affiliates, and agencies to improve user retention and the overall quality of traffic.