What is The Sender?

There are many services on the market that provide the functionality to send push notifications to the users. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. And we decided to make our own service for sending push notifications. What are the benefits?


  1. Large database of servers. Servers can process any amount of subscribers from any geo in a timely manner. Thanks to this, you get low prices and timely sending of push notifications to your users.
  2. All functionality at once. Most services offer either a free cut-down version of their product or a small amount of subscribers to test their platform. We offer all the functionality at once with the maximum amount of possible free users.
  3. Rich and flexible monetization. Through cooperation with the largest advertisers around the world, your database can also bring you additional income. Plus, in this case, the use of the rest of the service will be completely free for you, despite the amount of subscribers. You will receive a communication tool with your users, which will bring you additional income instead of costs.
  4. Detailed targeting. We perfectly understand that for the best effectiveness of your campaigns, you need to select the target audience with as much details as possible. To do this, we provide you with a target by time, subscription age, geo, browser, operating system and platform.
  5. Detailed statistics. To understand which campaigns are effective and which ones should be changed or removed, you need to get correct and accurate data. Our statistics will allow you to calibrate your campaign by more than 12 parameters.
  6. Quick installation. To start using notifications – you need to install only 2 files according to the guide in your personal account.
  7. Your base will always be with you. We have a subscriber-migration system, so if you already have a database, then you will not need to collect it again! We will be able to transfer it to our instrument, and you will save what you have been working on for a long time.

We have developed an affordable and functional product for webmasters and publishers, which will help you keep in touch with your audience. And earn additional income.

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