How to increase your sales on Black Friday with push notifications

It’s no secret that the number of online purchases is rapidly increasing every year. According to a study by Statista, the percentage of total online shopping in worldwide retail grew by 6.6% between 2018 and 2021. Currently, the share is almost 19%, with a forecast of 24% by 2026. Some companies have begun selling on the Internet at the same level as offline. Some have switched completely to e-commerce.

On the one hand, this opens more opportunities to increase sales and profits. On the other hand, the online market is highly competitive and it takes a lot of effort to find loyal customers.

November and December are the hottest months for e-commerce, and all companies compete for the most attractive discounts and offers. At The Sender, we recommend incorporating web push notifications into your promotional strategy to increase sales. We’re sure that this is a great tool to better connect with your customers and achieve high results.

Why push notifications are an excellent tool for e-com marketing

Push notifications have a high CTR
They’re delivered directly to the customer’s desktop or mobile screen, making them hard to miss. For this reason, push messages often have 4 to 8 times better click-through rate than emails.

You can show ads in real time
Want to announce a new sale, remind customers about discounts, or share a limited-time offer? No problem, just send them a push notification and you’re good to go!

Help you retain customers
It’s a fact that returning customers usually spend much more than new ones. So, you can increase your sales by informing your existing customers of the latest discounts, special offers, and new collections.

Notifications encourage the audience to take action
Via messaging, you can inform subscribers but also encourage them to buy certain products or use a promo code.

Wide range of targeting options
Segmentation is the key to getting the most out of your notifications. When setting up your messages, you can choose from a variety of targeting types (e.g., gender, time zone, age, browser type, OS, etc.). This allows you to create the most relevant messages for each of your customers.

All results are trackable
We want to help you make more money and not waste it. That’s why it’s important that you can track the results of each notification and know how many people received, clicked, or discarded each message.

All subscribers are in one place
After installing the push subscriptions plugin, all subscribers go into a database, which is stored in your workspace. You can store, segment, and interact with your base as you wish.

Please note that in order to send notifications, you need to get consent from website visitors. This is done with one click via a pop-up window. We recommend installing the plugin on the website as soon as possible to start collecting data immediately.

What pushes can be used for

Announce the beginning of the sale
Inform as many subscribers as possible that you’re having a sale. They’ll be taken directly to the offer when they click on it.

Promote a specific product
Do you have a special price on one or more products? Send a push notification and draw attention to your product.

Offer a secret promo code to a group of users
Detailed targeting allows you to identify the target audience and interact only with them.

Create urgency by establishing the end of a sale
To get the most out of the offer, remind them regularly that it won’t last forever.

Work on customer retention
Push notifications can be used as triggers for action. For example, remind users about an abandoned cart and offer to complete the order.

Keep customers updated on the status of their order
A push notification that the order is delivered reaches the customer faster and cheaper than a text message or email with the same info.

Offer a selection of products that might be of interest to the target audience
Messages that are particularly relevant to a specific group of buyers have a higher click-through rate.


Tips: How to make a good pushes in e-commerce

Be clear about your goal. You have a limited number of symbols and time to attract attention, so stick to the “one task, one notification” rule. For example, if you want to inform about the launch of a sale, write only about it.

The same goes for word choice. Messages are short, so make your message straightforward and get the point across.

Use FOMO. Fear of missing out is very helpful for marketers to drive sales. Point out that the promotion only lasts three days, that the product is running out, and that there will never be such a great offer again.

Call to action. Phrases like “Buy Now” and “Start Today” help to activate your subscribers.

Make messages stand out. Use emojis and images as they attract more attention. This can also be done through humor and slang that the audience can understand.

Test different formats and run A/B tests. Like everything in digital marketing, push notifications must be tested by creating different hypotheses. This way, you can find out the most converting approach, timing, and format.

Choose your notification frequency carefully. It is very important to send only useful and relevant notifications so as not to spam recipients and cause unsubscribed.

In this article, we broke down why push notifications is a great tool for e-commerce and gave tips on how to succeed in sales. Despite its low cost and high performance, this is an underrated advertising channel, so we recommend trying it out as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about how to get started or ready to get involved, we’re happy to help. You can contact us by email.

Have fun advertising and we wish you high sales!